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What is Togo?

  1. Togo is a web app that gives any restaurant or brewery pickup and delivery capabilities. 
  2. It’s built with WordPress and WooCommerce – already used by thousands of restaurants and other small businesses. It can either replace your existing site, or work as part of it.
  3. Third-party ordering sites charge up to 30% plus fees to use their services. 
  4. We charge nothing for you to use Togo. 
  5. Togo is free. It’s simple. And it’s reliable.
  6. Customers place orders through Togo, you process them by email, and you keep your entire margin. We handle the data, and answer your questions. 
  7. Togo was built by COVERT NINE – a digital marketing agency in Chicago, IL
    We train your team to use Togo, personally (if you even need training to use it)
    Togo handles every order from gift cards, to catering, to takeout and delivery
  8. Need someone to host Togo’s data? We can help.
  9. Want Togo to exist as a subdomain on your site? We can help with that too. Want a better website overall? We’re your partner.
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